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I. Introduction

A. Explanation of what Oxycontin is B. Brief history of Oxycontin C. Importance of discussing Oxycontin 60mg specifically

II. What is Oxycontin 60mg?

A. Explanation of the drug’s composition B. How the drug works C. Approved uses of Oxycontin 60mg

III. Why is Oxycontin 60mg Prescribed?

A. Conditions that Oxycontin 60mg is prescribed for B. How the drug helps alleviate pain C. Potential risks and benefits of Oxycontin 60mg

IV. Potential Risks of Oxycontin 60mg

A. Addiction potential B. Physical and psychological side effects C. Overdose and potential for death

V. How to Safely Take Oxycontin 60mg

A. Explanation of the importance of following a doctor’s instructions B. Tips for safe use of Oxycontin 60mg C. What to do if you experience negative side effects

VI. Alternatives to Oxycontin 60mg

A. Other pain management drugs and treatments B. Benefits and risks of alternative options C. Considerations for choosing an alternative to Oxycontin 60mg

VII. Conclusion A. Recap of important points

B. Final thoughts on Oxycontin 60mg C. Call to action for patients, healthcare providers, and policymakers

This outline should provide a good starting point for an article on Oxycontin 60mg. From here, you could expand on each section with more detail, research, and expert input to create a comprehensive and informative piece on this prescription drug.

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